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Progressive consulting, philanthropic and political investment advising, and government relations


Our Philosophy

At Trimpa Group, we are not afraid to think and act big to deliver progressive social change. Our work is rooted in a fundamental commitment to furthering progressive political and societal issues.  We are part of this movement, and our mission has always been to further the public good while providing our clients with the high-caliber, innovative advice and services they need.

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Our Model

If you know Trimpa Group, you know we pride ourselves on our unique model. We are not a pure lobbying, political consulting, or public policy firm. Yet, we fill a distinct niche by providing each of these services in an integrated way with a near-obsession on the return on investment for our clients. This model – built upon over a decade of experience – allows us to leverage our diverse relationships and harness the power of unlikely partnerships and robust political infrastructure.

Trimpa Group advises donors on aligning their philanthropic and political spending to create sustained social change. We understand that public policy successes often result from a combination of research and analysis, organizational advocacy, and individual champions. And we work with donors and stakeholders to ensure that these needs are met and to deliver results for our clients.

We have a deep understanding of using state-level policy changes as a catalyst for change in other states and at the federal level. Most major social reform movements do not start inside the D.C. beltway – rather, change begins in the states.  This understanding is one of the hallmarks of the Trimpa Group’s success in achieving policy changes to date.

We cannot promote social change alone. This is why Trimpa Group believes in forging diverse partnerships with people and organizations that can make change a reality. Our emphasis is on knowing who can make an impact – whether a public official, Democrat or Republican, nonprofit organization, corporate board member, or community advocate – and connecting our clients with these leaders for the public good.  

Our Values

Progressive. We are committed progressives and work on a wide variety of political and social issues. Because of our commitment to social change, we are not afraid to work on issues that may be seen as controversial or to approach them in unconventional ways.

Bold.  We are not your grandmother’s firm. We pride ourselves on bold, cutting-edge solutions to the most pressing public policy challenges of our time. We are not afraid to take risks or engage unlikely allies in pursuit of our goals. Because change often takes time, we work with clients to develop long-term strategies that impact public policy and improve people’s lives.

Solutions-Focused.  We are progressives, but we are not pollyannas. Return on investment and real social change is our bottom line. Pragmatism is not a dirty word and, many times, is the key to achieving long-term successes. We always look for new ideas and solutions to deliver real results for our clients. We are proactively focused on how we can leverage politics, communications, and research in promoting meaningful policy change. 

Trusted. We could not change public policy without long-term strategies and relationships, and we believe in treating everyone as equals. We know that true social change requires working with a diverse set of partners, supporting our allies, and being direct with our clients and ourselves. Our reputation as an "honest broker" – and our loyalty to clients and the progressive movement – allows us to maintain our existing relationships, build new relationships, and get results.

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